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Application & Desktop Delivery Services (ADDS)

Of what VALUE is a beautiful application that is problematic to use by Remote Branches? Whereas the client /server Windows applications are more suited for LAN access, organizations are increasingly under pressure to deploy these applications over Wide Area Networks. Because of the very limited bandwidth of WAN's , Windows applications usually perform poorly when deployed in these circumstances . This is especially true in countries like Nigeria where fast digital services like Frame Relay, T1, T2, etc are not common. To overcome this deployment bottleneck, CHEC (NIG) LTD has packaged the ADS for organizations to experience LAN-like performance of Enterprise applications over a WAN. Our ADS is built around technologies from Citrix Systems, USA and ThinPrint of Germany.

Specifically, we offer the following:

  • Design Server-based Computing Networks
  • Selling Of Citrix Presentation Server for Windows Application Deployment.
  • Selling Of Citrix NetScaler for Web Applications deployment.
  • Selling Of Citrix WANScaler for TCP Optimization.
  • Selling Of ThinPrint .print Engine for managing printing across WAN's.